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  • 2023.12.07

    Client Case|Successful arrival plant

    Aligned Achieves Successful Project with Client in Uzbekistan!Why do clients choose us?Not...
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  • 2023.09.06

    Pharmconex Egypt Exhibition

    In September 2023, our company once again made a significant impact at the Egyptian Pharmac...
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  • 2023.08.19

    After-sales service in Saudi Arabia

    In August 2023,our engineers visited to Saudi Arabia for debugging and training services.Th...
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  • 2023.07.12

    Exhibition Adventure

    In 2023, we embarked on an exhilarating journey, crossing oceans and continents to attend e...
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  • 2023.05.22

    After-Sales Follow Up

    In April and May 2023, Aligned team visited customers factories on the way to Uzbekistan an...
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