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Don"t Be Afraid of Difficulties And Work Hard, Aligned People Are The Best!

Released In:2022-03-02

It is the Spring Festival, when everyone is still immersed in the reunion with their families and the joy of the holiday, but some people are shouldering the mission and giving silently.
On the eighth day of the first lunar month, Tang Haizhou, the director of Aligned's after-sales department, and the engineer, Zhang Jianpei, waited at the airport early in the morning, waiting for them for the next 20 hours of flight.

As we all know, the impact of the epidemic is not only the risk of infection in travel, but the situation in foreign countries will be more severe, and a little carelessness can even endanger life. It is under such circumstances that our two comrades in the after-sales department have not yet had time to enjoy the family happiness with their families. Even at the huge risk of being infected, they resolutely shouldered the company's mission - to achieve employees and achieve customers. ! Help Chinese science and technology go to the world and contribute to human health and sustainable development! Fly to Africa, which is more than 8,000 kilometers away, to provide customers with the most professional after-sales service in their factories and solve problems for customers. Not only that, taking advantage of this opportunity, they bravely took on the work of salesmen and participated in the medical exhibition in Tanzania. This is a great challenge and hardship for the two engineers. Here, we express our best wishes for their spirit. lofty respect! Thank you for not being afraid of wind and rain, forging ahead, you are doing well!
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