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  • 2021.08.20

    Dedicated to all business people

    "If you feel that your company is not good, you should optimize it; if you feel that t...
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  • 2021.07.23

    Development Of Oral Disintegrating Film In China

    The development of Oral Disintegrating Film in China. The following is a list of manufactur...
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  • 2021.05.08

    Brief introduction of oral dissolving films and packaging equipment

    Oral dissolving films Oral dissolving films (ODF) is a new oral solid immediate-release do...
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  • 2021.03.11

    Metformin has new discoveries

    1. It is expected to improve the risk of kidney failure and death from kidney diseaseWuXi A...
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  • 2022.11.21

    Oral dissolving films are driving market demand

    The global oral dissolving films market is expected to register a CAGR of 9.9%.Growing use ...
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