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DPP-260 Automatic Flat Blister packing Machine


Product detail


product features

product features


product description

DPP-260 Automatic Blister packing Machine is our advanced equipment designed under updated improvement. Adopts of the integral technology applying frequency inverter for speed control and mechanism, electricity, light, and air to machine. Its design is in strict compliance with GMP standards and takes lead in the blister packer’s field. Featuring advanced functions, simple operation, high output, and the machine is ideal packing equipment for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, health food, and foodstuff plant.

1. It adopts the keyway positioning, adjustable quick-opening clamping handle. When Forming die and heat sealing die installation, replacing mold is very simple.
2. After punching the medicine blister (finished products) use plunger, auxiliary material, every time to ensure that equipment cutting medicine edition can smooth discharge, eliminate the operation personnel safety hidden trouble.
3. The total length of the machine is 4.35m, the working platform is extended edition, the operation is more smooth.
4. Using manipulator clamping feeding mechanism: distance of travel from (40-120 - mm) arbitrary adjustable, can be adjustable to 170 mm, is within the scope of the optional design the section size. Servo traction: distance of travel can be adjustable from 20 to 250 - mm), within the scope of the optional design the section size. Good stability, high accuracy, convenient operation, can be directly in touch screen to adjust, convenient and good operation. Space can be accessories operating.
5. It can option two feeders: filling rate can reach more than 99%, and eliminates filling missing phenomenon. caused by the aliens and the high-speed operation.
6. Has good mechanical properties, smooth transmission, low precision, low noise, no obvious vibration, and abnormal thermal deformation.
7. the contact parts material meets the GMP requirement, non-contact parts are using 304 stainless steel, hot sealing and punching station adopts the Plexiglas to protect, which is easy to observe and safe for operators.
8. With the function like electronic counting, batch number, creasing and cutting, punching and automatic shutdown alarm, etc function.
9. It can option two types Plexiglas over as budget.

Technical parameters

Max. Punch Speed

AL/PL:40-60 times/min(stand type)

AL/AL:20-40 times/min

Max. Production Capacity

AL/PL:350 thous. /h

AL/AL:150 thous. /h

Adjustable Range Of Stroke

Standard dispose≤120mm(according to the customers′ Requirement)

Max. Forming Area

245x112 mm

Max. Forming Depth

AL/PL:14 mm

AL/AL:14 mm

Specification Of Packaging Material

Note:The Width Of The Material 130-260mm

Medicine PVC:260x0.25(0.15-0.5) mm

Heat-sealing PTP:260x0.02 mm

Power Connection

There Phases Four Wires:
380V  50Hz  (220V 60Hz)

Total Power


Main Motor Power

2.2 KW

Forming Upper and Lower Heat power

1.5 KW(x2)

Heat-sealing Heat Power

1.2 KW

Air Pump(Air Compressor)Volume

≥0.38 m3/min

Dimensions Of Overall Machine(L×W×H)


Dimensions Of Packing Case(L×W×H)


Dimensions Of Separate Packing Cases(L×W×H)

2000x880x1740mm and 1550x880x1740


1800 kg


Associate machine

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