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Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine


Product detail


product features

product features


product description

KFM-230 Automatic Oral thin film Packaging machine cutting and crosscutting inter across the integration, the material can be precisely divided into a single sheet-like products, and then use the sucker to accurately locate and move the material to the packaging film, laminated, heat sealing, punching, the final output Packaging complete product, to achieve the integration of the product line packaging.
Performance & Feature
1.This machine adopts modular design. During transportation and cleaning, the module can be disassembled separately, which is convenient to operate.
2. The main motor adopts frequency conversion to regulate the speed, and set the corresponding number of downfeeds according to the stroke length and product size.
3. Adopt robotic clamping and traction mechanism, smooth operation, accurate synchronization, adjustable in any range.
4. All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and food-grade materials, in accordance with "GMP" requirements.
5. The materials are precisely slit into single sheet products by slitting and cross-cutting, then the materials are precisely positioned and moved to the packaging film by suction cups, stacked, heat-sealed, punched and then output, and the whole process realizes the integration of production line packaging.
6. Each machine has an independent code, which is convenient for remote control.
7. The cam box is equipped with markings, which is convenient for customers to clarify what kind of oil to add and the proper location to add oil.

Technical parameters



Maximum Punching Speed (Standard 45*70*0.1mm )

Aluminum / aluminum 5-40 times/min

Packing Film Width

200- 260 mm

Materials Width

100-140 mm

Heat Sealing Heating Power


Total Power

Three-phase five lines 380V 50/60HZ, 5.8KW

Air Pump Volume Flow


Packing Material

Heat-seal composite film thickness 0.03-0.05mm

Overall Dimensions ( L*W*H )



Associate machine

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