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Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine


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product features


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What is Strip Pouch Packing Machine

ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine is designed for packaging micro-small film products.

It is suitable for items like oral instant tablets, band-aids, and similar materials.


What are the benefits of Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine?

When you use it you will realize that the advantages of this machine include:

● The main motor can set the corresponding number of downfeeds according to the stroke length and product size.

Each machine has an independent code, which is convenient for remote control.

The cam box is labeled to simplify the identification of the oil type and its location.


What are the Components of Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine?

The machine consists of various components that work together to perform the oral dissolving film packaging process.

Below are the components and their main function:


Intelligent touch screen

The machine is equipped with an intelligent touch screen.

The touchscreen interface allows for easy and intuitive management of all packaging processes.


Feeding System

The feeding system will select, position, and guide all parts.

It enables the handling and assembly of the products.


Slitting Knife Unit

The slitting knife unit will cut the material in the packaging machine.

It has blades that perform this task.


Heat sealing system

This is the part of the packaging process that seals the filled cavities.

It contains the cam box and the bearing housing for the auxiliary heat sealing mechanism.

Pressing Mechanism System

It presses the sealing and form material together to form a permanent seal.


What are the working principle of the Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine?

The machine combines cutting and crosscutting operations to accurately separate the material into individual sheet products.

It uses a sucker to accurately locate and transfer the material to the packaging film.

The machine then performs lamination, heat sealing, and punching before finally outputting the packaged complete product.


Which Industries use Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine?

You can use Oral Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine for a variety of industries, for example:

Pharmaceutical industry

This industry requires machines to package drug films, including instant oral films, and pouches for permeable films.

Food Industry

This industry uses specialized types of machines to package films, including pouches for mouth freshening strips.

Nutraceutical Industry

Can assist different nutraceutical companies in packaging functional food films.


How do you specify Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine

Whenever you purchase or customize an Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine, you need to have specific requirements.

Some of the key factors to consider include:


Production capacity

Determine the required production capacity based on your needs, including hourly or daily output.

Ensure that the production capacity of your Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine meets your needs to ensure productivity and timely delivery.


Level of automation

Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine should automate the steps of cutting, folding and sealing the package.

Increase productivity and reduce the risk of human error.


Product Protection

To maintain the integrity and quality of oral dissolution diaphragms during packaging, it's important to use gentle packaging methods.

Avoid using any rough or damaging processes or devices.


Configuration Flexibility

The machine used for packaging should be capable of accommodating various sizes and shapes of oral dissolution film.

Adjustable packaging parameters should be provided to meet the diverse packaging requirements.


Reliability and maintenance

Choose suppliers with good reputation and reliability, and ensure that the machine is easy to maintain and repair

This can minimize stop time and maintenance costs.


Service and support

Choose a supplier that offers comprehensive service and technical support, including training, installation and after-sales service. Ensure that you have access to timely technical support and solutions to ensure smooth production.



Evaluate the user interface and operation of the machine.

Choose machines that are easy to use and learn to minimize training costs and increase productivity.


How does FAT, IQ and OQ Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine Documents Compare?

FAT ensures that the machine is manufactured according to agreed-upon specifications.

IQ verifies the proper installation of the machine at the customer's facility.

OQ tests and confirms the machine's operational performance within specified parameters.


Does Aligned provide after-sales service for Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine?

Yes, Aligned offers after-sales support for the Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine.

After-sales warranty

We provide a warranty period to protect your rights and ensure product reliability.

Any failures during the warranty period will be repaired or replaced free of charge.


Door-to-door installation

We support on-site installation and debugging.

Ensure proper equipment operation and desired results, tailored to your needs.


Training courses

Our professional training courses help you and your team operate and maintain the equipment correctly.


Parts supply

We has sufficient parts inventory to ensure that you can get the parts you need in time


After-sales feedback

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We regularly communicate and seek feedback to continuously enhance our after-sales service.


Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine should conform to which quality standard?

The Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine should meet the following quality standards:

Compliance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) guidelines.

Possession of ISO certification, indicating adherence to international standards for quality management systems.

CE certification, ensuring the proper functioning of electrical components.

Fulfillment of FDA requirements to ensure conformity with health standards.


Can you Integrate Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine with other accessories?

Yes, you can integrate the Automatic ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine with other accessories.

Some possible accessories to integrate with it include:

Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine

Slitting And Drying Machine


Technical parameters



Maximum Punching Speed (Standard 45*70*0.1mm )

Aluminum / aluminum 5-40 times/min

Packing Film Width

200- 260 mm

Materials Width

100-140 mm

Heat Sealing Heating Power


Total Power

Three-phase five lines 380V 50/60HZ, 5.8KW

Air Pump Volume Flow


Packing Material

Heat-seal composite film thickness 0.03-0.05mm

Overall Dimensions ( L*W*H )



Associate machine

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