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OZM Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine


Product detail


product features

product features


product description

The ODF Machine is specialized in making liquid materials into thin film. It can be used to make quick-dissolvable oral films, transfilms, and mouth freshener strips, having wide application range in pharmaceutical field, food industry and etc.
Performance & Feature
1. The machine adopts the structure of main body plus attachment module, each module can be disassembled and installed separately. The installation uses cylindrical pin positioning, screw fastening, easy to assemble, easy to transport and clean.
2. With automatic working length record, speed display, automatic oven temperature control and other functions to ensure efficient and high quality production.
3.All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and food-grade materials, in accordance with "GMP" requirements. All electrical components, wiring and operating schemes are in accordance with "UL" safety standards.
4. The film making machine has the functions of film making and air drying. All data parameters are adjusted by PLC control panel.
5. The air inlet and exhaust ducts are changed from square to cylindrical shape for easier cleaning and convenience, in line with GMP standards to prevent cross-contamination.
6. There is a cavity view window into a rectangular stainless steel plus tempered glass window, easy to observe, easy to clean, no dead ends, in line with GMP standards.
Working Principle
The working principle of the machine has evenly coated a layer of liquid material on the surface of the reel base roll. The solvent (moisture) is rapidly evaporated and dried through the drying channel. And winding up after cooling (or composite with another material). Then, get the final products of the film (composite film).

Technical parameters



Max Production Width


Roll Width



0.1-1.5m/min (Depends on products formula and process)

Unwinding Diameter


Winding Diameter


Method Of Heat & Dry

Heating by external stainless-steel heater, hot air circulation in centrifugal fan

Temperature Control


Edge Of Reeling


Power Supply


Overall Dimension



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