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OZM Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine


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What is Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine?

Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine produces thin films from liquid materials.

It is designed to make oral films that dissolve quickly, as well as strips for breath fresheners and other uses.

The machine has broad applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

What are the benefits of Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine?

The benefits that you will observe when using the Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine include:


● The machine relies on a modular design with few components, making it simple to operate and maintain.

It is equipped with automatic working length and speed recording and automatic oven temperature control to ensure efficient and high-quality production.

All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and food-grade materials, meeting "GMP" requirements.
PLC control panel can easily adjust all data parameters.
The air intake and exhaust pipes have been redesigned into cylinders to facilitate cleaning and prevent cross-contamination.
It has a tempered glass viewing window for effortless cleaning and observation,eliminating any blind spots.

Which types of Oral Dissolving Film Making Machines are there?

There are different types of Oral Dissolving Film Making Machines that you can choose from.

The main types of machines that you can choose from include:
Lab Type Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine
OZM Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine
10 Meters Automatic Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine
What are the main sub-modules of Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine?

The ODF Making Machine employs various modules to accomplish its task.

The primary labor modules include:

① Winding/Unwinding Station
● Place the PET roll on the Air Expansion Shaft and inflate it to secure the film;
The traction mechanism pulls the material from the reel into each station;
One side of the Air Expansion Shaft is connected to the Magnetic Powder Brake;
Adjust the controller to achieve precise tension control based on the unique material and tension requirements.
② Film Making Station
Used to adjust the horizontal balance of the coating roller,which can affect the film's thickness;
 Through a specific scraper,evenly distribute the liquid material to the base film;
Fix the position of the two baffles,and adjust the film width of the coating.
③ Film Drying Station
Air Inlet Bellows Greenhouse is heating by external stainless steel heater;
The drying area using asbestos(Aluminum silicate refractory fiber)to preserve heat,and the temperature is controlled by PLC panel;
Heating temperature arrangement at 30~100±0.5℃,with automatic proportional temperature control.
④ Traction Module
Composed of rubber roller,pneumatic components,steel roller and drive system;
Traction roller has a surface covered with EPDM rubber,with a hardness of Shaw 75 to 80 degrees;
Cylinder is equipped with a swing arm pressure roller,allowing pressure adjustment.
Which Industries use Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine?
You can use Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine for a variety of industries,for example:
Pharmaceutical industry
The industry needs the machine to make liquid materials into thin film of drugs, including quick-dissolvable oral films,transfilms.
Food Industry
This industry uses specialized types of machines to make liquid materials into thin film,including mouth-freshening strips
Nutraceutical Industry
It can assist different nutraceutical companies in making healthy functional food films.
How do you specify Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine?

Whenever you purchase or customize an Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine,you need to have specific requirements.

Some of the key factors to consider include:

Production capacity

Determine the required production capacity based on your needs, including hourly or daily output.

Ensure that the production capacity of your Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine meets your needs to ensure productivity and timely delivery.

Technology and quality

When selecting an Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine,consider its level of technology and quality control capabilities.

Make sure the machine uses advanced technology and processes with precise drug release control and high quality dissolution film preparation.

Reliability and maintenance 

Choose suppliers with good reputation and reliability,and ensure that the machine is easy to maintain and repair.

This can minimize stop time and maintenance costs.

Service and Support

Choose a supplier that offers comprehensive service and technical support,including training, installation and after-sales service.

Ensure that you have access to timely technical support and solutions to ensure smooth production.

Evaluate the user interface and operation of the machine.

Choose machines that are easy to use and learn to minimize training costs and increase productivity.

How does FAT,IQ and OQ Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine Documents Compare?
The document certifies that the machine underwent a comprehensive factory inspection.

It ensures the machine's proper working condition and compliance with cGMP requirements.

Manufacturers must conduct a factory assessment before releasing the machine.


It is provided after the installation and extensive testing of the Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine.

After the installation is completed,the machine is tested to ensure proper functionality before issuing the IQ document.


The OQ document is received after the technician tests the machine post-installation.

It confirms that the machine is working properly before accepting the document from the manufacturer.

Does Aligned offer Technical Support for Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine?
Yes,Aligned offers technical support for Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine.
It ensures that you receive:
Correct transportation to the installation site
Installation of the machine on site
Inspection and testing of the machine after installation
Machine consultation and repair in case of problems
Training of operators in optimal operation and maintenance procedures
Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine should conform to which quality standard?
The Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine should meet the following quality standards:
Compliance with current good manufacturing practices(cGMP)guidelines.
Possession of ISO certification,indicating adherence to international standards for quality management systems.
CE certification,ensuring the proper functioning of electrical components. 
Fulfillment of FDA requirements to ensure conformity with health standards.
Can you Integrate Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine with other accessories?
Yes,you can integrate the Oral Dissolving Film Making Machine with other accessories.
Some of the accessories you might integrate it with include:
Raw material preparation tank
Slitting And Drying Machine
ODF Strip Pouch Packing Machine 


Technical parameters



Max Production Width


Roll Width



0.1-1.5m/min (Depends on products formula and process)

Unwinding Diameter


Winding Diameter


Method Of Heat & Dry

Heating by external stainless-steel heater, hot air circulation in centrifugal fan

Temperature Control


Edge Of Reeling


Power Supply


Overall Dimension



Associate machine

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