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KZH-60 Automatic Oral Thin Film Cassette Packaging Machine


Product detail


product features

product features


product description

KZH-60 automatic oral thin film cassette packaging machine is a special equipment for cassette of medicine, food, and other film materials. The equipment has the functions of multi-roll integration, cutting, boxing, etc. The data indicators are controlled by the PLC touch panel. The equipment is made by continuous improvement and innovative research and development for new film food and medicine. Its comprehensive performance has reached the leading level. The relevant technology fills the gap in the industry and is more practical and economical.
1、The oral strips cassette filling machine is suitable for carton packaging of food film and pharmaceutical film, such as breath freshening film, oral dissolving film and other products
2、The equipment adopts a split module structure, which can be disassembled separately during transportation and cleaning, which is easy to operate and easy to assemble
3、The mold and guide rail are designed separately, and can be disassembled separately when replacing parts, easy to replace
4、The oral strips cassette filling machine adopts the servo motor traction structure, which runs smoothly, and the corresponding size can be adjusted within the stroke range
5、When the packaging materials or materials are used up or broken, the equipment will automatically alarm and stop to protect the safety of operators
6、The material contact department adopts 316 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of "GMP"

Technical parameters



Conveyor belt length


Box number

6-24 pieces/box

Cartoning speed

60-120 boxes/min

Total power

220V 3.5kw

Dimensions (L,W,H)


Total Weight


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