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2022 Team Building and Expansion Activities - Pingyang

Released In:2022-09-21

On September 2, the Aligned team had a long-awaited group building activity. In the morning, the warm sun lazily sprinkled on the steering wheel of the car, leading us to our destination - Pingyang.
 In the middle of the day, we arrived at our final destination, the air was filled with fresh and sweet smell, dragging our hungry stomachs to the farmhouse to have a full meal, delicious farmhouse soothing stomach and warm heart, the pool in the yard reflected the shimmering light and shadow, lying on the rocking chair, looking at the different scenery from the usual, the mountain is mountain, water is water; mountain is not mountain, water is not water; mountain hugs water, water hugs mountain, this is the mountain and water bar!
    The nap after the meal is always the most satisfying, back to the room, through the window will be able to see the beautiful scenery outside the window, blue sky and white clouds, nature's gift of beauty is like hanging paintings.
    Sunset meal, gather all members to carry out expansion activities, expansion activities can make our new and old staff blend into one, to show our collective strength, each game requires each person to find their own position, and play their maximum talent, if a person alone brute force, make all efforts is also futile. As a group of dragons taking water, when we saw this game, all of us thought we could not do it, the distance of 2 meters was unattainable, but we knew it was impossible and did it. This is the spirit of struggle, do not give up. I'm behind you tightly tug you, you go forward to fly hard, unity and cooperation is the foundation of a good thing. A drop of water will never dry up only if it is put into the sea.
    Aligned's mission is double happiness of material and spirit for staff, "not work for happiness, but the work itself should be happiness", so in this activity, exercise can bring us health, bring teamwork, the potential of each individual is infinite, in our conditions allow, can be greater to stimulate the potential of employees and help them gain a greater sense of accomplishment. This is our ultimate goal.
    After the first day of expansion activities, a short break, sunset, barbecue party, in the pub, with wine as a medium, in a slightly drunken feeling, we open our hearts to share the anecdotes, gains and joys of work life. If like-minded, I hope we can join forces, if people have their own aspirations, I hope we will meet at the top.
    The second day of the outreach activities started with everyone full of spirit, strong interest and morale. All members worked together wholeheartedly, cooperated with each other and interacted tacitly with each other, and they worked together to successfully complete the team tasks. After the expansion we held a small award ceremony to show our heart.
    We will build a strong foundation and a strong team. Through this group building activity, we have gathered people's hearts and reached a consensus. We all said we would take the success of this group building activity as an opportunity to raise our morale and spirit, play team spirit and improve efficiency in our future work, and make new contributions to a more brilliant and brighter tomorrow with a more enthusiastic working attitude!
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