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[Training and Development] ODF Mechanical Training Session At Workshop

Released In:2022-06-22

The Aligned sales team attended a training class on ODF equipment in workshop on June 14. Mr. Cai conducted the training session. The main goal of this training was to give participants the opportunity to get a closer understanding of the equipment through hands-on experience. The sales team not only solidified the information they had received in the training session, but also strengthened relationships among coworkers as a result of Manager Cai Qixiao's thorough introduction to the ODF and subsequent Q&A session.
Mr. Cai discussed his personal sales experience after assembling everyone in the conference room.
1. Treating clients must have a demand before a proposal, and then a quotation is the last step.
2. Taking the initiative to comprehend the needs of the customer means not only understanding the demands they have voiced to us, but also going above and beyond to comprehend any potential underlying needs they may have.

3. Understanding the customer's country's human culture.

4. The development of loyalty and continuity.

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